Emerson On Hurumzi

The Emerson On Hurumzi is only 10 minutes walk from the harbour and is probably the most beautiful hotel in Stone Town. It is famous for the Tower Top Restaurant with its Persian carpets, panoramic view of Stone Town and the Indian Ocean (see photos). Besides minarets, towers of Hindu temples and church towers, the hotel is an essential part of the skyline of Zanzibar City. It is the second highest building and shines again in its old glory thanks to extensive restoration.

The twenty-four large guest rooms of the Hurumzi are beautifully decorated with original Zanzibar antiques and furniture of various origins and styles, and all rooms except the Kipembe room are equipped with large stone bathtubs. Ceiling fans keep the upper floors cool and air conditioning is installed on the first and second floors.

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Location: In Zanzibar City (Stone Town)

Capacity: 24 Guest Rooms

Known for: The Grande Dame of Zanzibar City Hotels

Tanzania Experts Tier: Platinum

Website: emersononhurumzi.com

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