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About Tanzania Experts

Tanzania Experts is a specialized boutique Safari Company for exclusive bespoke trips to the #1 Safari Country in the world with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We arrange Lodge Safari, beach holidays, trekking / hiking tours as well as Mobile Luxury Camping Safaris.

Of course, travelling is about the destination. However, to the same extent it is also important to arrive at oneself in a foreign country. To change your perspective through the extraordinary. As consultants of your ‘connection to paradise’ we are your personal travel designers. It starts with the selection of the right itinerary and accommodations. Exclusivity and passion are the basic requirements for the choice of your hotel, and we also try to fulfil every wish on site. In this sense, we guarantee you a perfect travel experience.

Our travel designers are your consultants, concierges and product managers. By combining these three areas of responsibility, we are able to offer you competent advice and the best service with a great deal of sensitivity with regard to your individual needs and personal tastes. All destinations have been personally checked by our travel designers.

We trust our experience and our own senses. That’s why our travel designers personally visit every destination in Tanzania and evaluate them to the highest standards. Don’t trust the usual hotel stars; trust our 10+ years of expertise. You are unique, which is why we never design a trip twice. Our goal is to fully understand your individual desires in order to design your travels into a unique experience.

Reviews, customer testimonials and opinions about Tanzania Experts can be found on the rating portals of Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck (german only). This is what you can expect when you choose to go on Safari with us:

Flexibility and Choice

  • wide selection

    Active holidays with Kilimanjaro climb and national park hikes | Spectacular nature experiences such as the great animal migration in the Serengeti | Relaxing beach holidays on the spice island Zanzibar | Unique encounters with the hunters and gatherers of the Hadzabe Bushmen | Exclusive bespoke private safaris | Luxury Mobile Camping | and so much more

  • Expert Advice

    We support you in the planning phase of your tailor-made Safari tour. Our experienced travel designers speak English, German, French and Swahili and know the lodges and accommodation facilities personally, with the help of customer feedback and regular visits we select the best for you; family friendly beach resorts in Zanzibar, luxurious intimate lodges for honeymooners, campsites surrounded by wildlife for adventurers, small “Out of Africa” boutique hotels with colonial style.

  • Booking Benefits

    Thanks to a well-planned itinerary, you avoid unnecessary stops and detours, which do not contribute to your holiday pleasure but only increase costs. Due to our capacities and long business relations with hotels and lodges we have been able to negotiate special prices for our company. We pass these price advantages on to our guests in the form of competitive Safari offers. Secure payment to a EU bank account is possible.

Excellent Guides

  • Experience

    Our safari guides were all personally selected by company founder. In contrast to other tour companies, our guides have many years of bush experience, speak most of the local tribe languages and traveled abroad to better understand their clients cultural background. Our Safari guides are paid very fairly and above average.

  • Knowledge

    All of our licensed safari drivers and Kilimanjaro mountain guides have an excellent knowledge of the local environment and will take you safely to your destination. They are expert game trackers with extensive knowledge about wildlife, geography, flora and fauna as well as an insightful awareness of the people and their history and culture. Above all, our guides possess a sincere respect and appreciation for the environment and the wildlife.

  • Game Drives

    With the help of radio sets installed in all our Safari vehicles, our guides can coordinate with other colleagues in the parks. So the drivers know where the wildebeest are giving birth to their calves or where the lions are looking for their dinner and you will enjoy very impressive game drives. We offer you unlimited game drives in Conservation Areas and National Parks (no km restrictions).

Responsible Tourism

  • 100% Tanzanian Company

    Tanzania Experts is a purely Tanzanian company. We do not have an expensive marketing department or travel agents in other countries, your booking fee will entirely benefit the local economy.

  • Staff

    Tanzania Experts is not a huge corporate travel company. All our employees are properly paid, treated with respect and live in Tanzania. If, for example, the salary at the end of the month is not enough for one of our colleagues to settle the children’s school fees, the company helps out. Since every employee is responsible for his or her large family at home and formal jobs are very rare, with your booking you are helping many families to live with dignity.

  • Sustainability

    If possible, we buy most of our food and equipment from local farmers, pastoralists and companies. We do not use disposable cutlery or polystyrene lunch boxes and avoid the use of plastic. Tanzania Experts encourage our guests to bring their own reusable water bottles, which can be refilled in the safari vehicles. These are just some of the strategies we use to reduce our carbon footprint. We also follow the guidelines of the Responsible Tourism Tanzania Organization.

4×4 Safari Trucks

  • Game Drives

    All game drives are carried out in specially converted safari four-wheel drive vehicles (Landrover Defender or Long-Chassis Toyota Landcruiser) and are only limited by the official park opening hours.

  • Comfort

    For the best view, our 4×4 cars offer massive raising roofs and large windows. Depending on the type used, these off-road specialists offer up to 7 comfortable individual seats. A VHF radio is fitted out in each vehicle to allow inter-vehicle communication on wildlife locations, as well as maintain contact with the relevant authorities in the case of emergencies. Field guides identifying the types of birds and animals are kept on close hand. Each vehicle is equipped with a mini fridge to recharge your “personal batteries” with cool drinks and snacks while sockets are readily available to allow you to recharge personal devices such as phones en route.

  • Safety

    All our Safari vehicles are equipped with two spare tyres, heavy duty jacks, radio and air snorkel and are serviced to the highest standards – however, breakdowns can never be ruled out due to the sometimes extreme road conditions in Tanzania. We always have replacement vehicles ready on standby.

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