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General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions regulate the contractual conditions between the company Tanzania Experts company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and you (hereinafter referred to as “Guest”).

  • All bookings must be confirmed in writing (e-mail, fax or mail).
  • A booking contract is only concluded when a deposit of 35% of the travel price has been received, the receipt of which has been confirmed by our bank. This deposit forms part of the total amount to be paid for the booked trip.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit of 35% of the tour price, all reservations for your Wildlife Safari, with the National Park authorities, with the hotels, lodge and camp operators etc. will be made by Tanzania Experts and you will receive a binding booking confirmation via email.
  • Cancellation fees are 35 % from the date of the deposit of the tour, 50 % of the tour price up to 30 days before the start of the tour, 75 % up to 3 days before the tour and thereafter 100 % of the tour price. Cancellations must be sent to the company in writing (e-mail, fax or mail).
  • If the total amount invoiced is not paid 3 weeks before the start of the tour, the company reserves the right to cancel the tour.
  • Exception: for certain Safaris where advanced hotel or lodge reservations are not necessary, the remaining amount can be paid in cash directly before departure.
  • All bank charges for payment must be paid by the guest (note that we also accept payment to our German bank account, the charges for bank transfers to banks in Tanzania can be extensive).
  • In case of short-term changes of confirmed bookings caused by a guest (e.g. change of number of participants, change of travel period, change of flight tickets, change of accommodation, etc.), we may charge additional costs, depending on the type of change.
  • Contracts resulting from bookings become legally binding in Arusha, Tanzania. Therefore the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania apply.
Force Majeure:
  • Force Majeure means, in relation to the business of the Company, all circumstances beyond the Company’s control (including floods, thunderstorms, fires, accidents, threat of war, sabotage, riots, civil disturbances, epidemics and quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions or other external events).
  • If the company is affected by force majeure, it will inform you immediately of the nature and extent of the event (e.g. possible delays or necessary changes to the itinerary). The company cannot be held liable in such cases. In such an unlikely exception, the Company will endeavor to make compensation payments to our Guest as a result of the non-performance of services by a third party (e.g. hotel or lodge).
Travel documents:
  • It is the responsibility of each guest to verify that their travel, vaccination and visa documents are in accordance with the regulations of their home country and the rules of the United Republic of Tanzania.
  • If the guest does not comply with the entry requirements of the United Republic of Tanzania, the company cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from this.
  • The company cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of luggage or personal effects.
  • Please note that special baggage limits apply on mountain hikes and on flights with some domestic airlines. If you book a mountain tour or domestic flight with us, we will provide you with the exact details.
  • Although we follow strict security rules in our office, we cannot accept liability for stored luggage of our customers.
Personal risk and behavior:
  • Safaris, hiking, mountain climbing and other activities in Tanzania are adventure trips and therefore have an inherent risk. The company cannot be held liable for injuries or other damages of personal nature.
  • Please follow the instructions of our guides, drivers and other company representatives for your own safety on your safari / trip. Please respect the laws and traditions of Tanzania.

Safari njema (bon voyage), karibu Tanzania!