Pemba Lodge

The Pemba Eco Lodge is located on the remote and beautiful island of Shamiani, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, south of the main island of Pemba, the sister island of Zanzibar.

This accommodation  is a tropical hideaway in a breathtaking and unique location. With comfortable and well-equipped bungalows, the Lodge offers nice privacy and serenity. Pemba Eco Lodge is the only overnight accommodation on the entire island of Shamiani, this small offshore island and its inhabitants (almost exclusively fishermen) have hardly changed for centuries. There are many bush paths that criss-cross the island and introduce you to the lush flora and fauna of this undisturbed ecosystem.

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Location: On the small island of Shamiani, near Pemba Island

Capacity: 4 bungalows, 1 family bungalow

Known for: Only accommodation on Shamiani

Tanzania Experts Tier: Silver


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