The Tides Lodge

The Tides Lodge is located on the beautiful beach of Ushongo near Pangani. Visitors can relax on their veranda or balcony, swim in the pool or stretch out on the pristine sand. The lodge itself is deliberately reserved and relaxed, but offers the best service and excellent cuisine.

Just off the coast is the Maziwe Marine Reserve with Maziwe Island, a sandbank that only appears at low tide and is one of the most beautiful spots for snorkelling and diving in Tanzania. The lodge grows fresh herbs and salads in its own garden and offers excellent 3 course menus, especially the fresh produce of local fishermen. The staff all come from the surrounding villages and have been trained by some of the best Swiss Chalet staff to the highest standards in gastronomy and hospitality.

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Location: About 10 km south of Pangani

Capacity: Lodge rooms, bungalows and cottages

Known for: Exclusive luxury lodge in secluded area

Tanzania Experts Tier: Platinum


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