Tarangire Safari Lodge

The Tarangire Safari Lodge, established in 1985, is situated on a hill on the Tarangire River overlooking the deep river valley and the Tarangire Plains. You are likely to see elephants drinking and grazing along the river. As the lodge is not fenced in, it is common for elephant families and other wildlife to walk through the grounds. For safety reasons we do not recommend this lodge for guests with children.

The lodge consists of luxury tents and bungalows, all with their own small veranda. The bathroom has a solar heated shower with hot water, a flush toilet and a dressing room. Electric lights and sockets are supplied by a generator (220V). The food is uncomplicated, but very high quality and plentiful. The lodge offers excellent barbecues with all kinds of meat and endless salads. The friendly owner family is happy to help if a spare tire of the safari vehicle needs to be mended (see photo).

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Location: On the Tarangire River within the National Park

Capacity: 35 tents and 3 family bungalows

Known for: The lodge with best location in Tarangire Park

Tanzania Experts Tier: Gold

Website: tarangiresafarilodge.com