Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge

The Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge is a small and exclusive lodge in Arusha, surrounded by a large forest reserve. The tranquil German farmhouse of Ngare Sero was originally designed by August Leue as a kind of fortress. Leue came to East Africa in 1885 as part of a German military expedition. Ngare Sero is the house that Leue built in 1905 when he returned to East Africa after finishing his service.

Nowadays you can see Colobus monkeys jumping between the trees in the huge garden. The peace and quiet you will find there is incomparable to other lodges in Arusha. In the Zanzibar-style rooms you will find nice, comfortable beds and a nice bathroom with bath and shower. In addition, each room has a lounge and a large terrace with occasional views of Kilimanjaro. The lodge offers numerous activities: Yoga, hiking, mountain biking, boat tours and horse riding. Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge is one of the oldest family lodges in Arusha and has been run by the same family for almost 40 years.

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Location: about 20 km from Arusha City, in the Usa River district

Capacity: 10 Garden Rooms, Summit Suite, Farm Cottage and rooms in the main house

Known for: Exclusive luxury lodge with long tradition

Tanzania Experts Tier: Platinum