Ilboru Safari Lodge

Ilboru Safari Lodge is situated in the middle of an old and exotic garden, in the charming Arusha district of Ilboru, which also serves as the name sponsor for the lodge. The lodge has 30 cottages with private bathrooms and verandas. The lodge has a good restaurant of its own.

Especially during the warmer dry season guests enjoy a bath in the outdoor pool. A special feature of the lodge is its beautiful location, which makes it possible to hike directly from the lodge within a short time on foot to sparsely populated areas on the higher slopes of Mount Meru. Near the lodge is an old Lutheran church from German colonial times. The way to the city centre is relatively short and can therefore be done on foot. The lodge has been managed by a new European tenant for a few years now.

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Location: approx. 3 km north of Arusha city centre

Capacity: 48 cottages and rooms

Known for: Old-established lodge with good location in the beautiful district of Ilboru

Tanzania Experts Tier: Gold