Arusha Coffee Lodge

The luxurious Arusha Coffee Lodge is surrounded by 40 hectares of coffee plantation, so you can enjoy the wonderful aroma of coffee all day long. The lodge is located just outside of Arusha, 2 kilometers from the small “safari airport” Arusha Airport and directly on the tarmac road leading to the highlights of the Northern Circuit.

Due to its excellent location, the lodge offers a practical but high-priced accommodation at the beginning or end of your safari. The lodge is located in an open and very well maintained garden without noise. Small safari planes only disturb during the day, as the nearby airport does not allow instrument flight or night flights. The Arusha Coffee Lodge offers a classic South African luxury lodge experience, even if the atmosphere seems a bit elitist. The rooms are very comfortable, immaculately clean and well equipped.

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Location: 2 km east of Arusha Airport

Capacity: Some Plantation Suites and 10+ Plantation Rooms

Known for: Luxurious lodge surrounded by a coffee farm

Tanzania Experts Tier: Platinum