Ngare Sero Lake Natron Camp

On the lowest point of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa at an altitude of 600 m above sea level lies the shallow Lake Natron. The Ngare Sero Lake Natron Camp is located in the north of the soda lake, it has 7 luxury tents, a shared tent with bar, dining and living area. Each tent is equipped with large beds, high quality linen and blankets, bedside tables, reading lamps, tables and chairs and has its own bathroom with running water, shower and compost toilet.

Lake Natron Camp is unique in its surroundings and is located in a small forest area. The safari tents offer comfortable beds, private showers and a veranda with a private view. A well-stocked bar and restaurant overlooking Lake Natron provides a cold drink and good food in the evening. And at the end of a dusty safari day, the small pool provides cooling. Ngare Sero is strongly involved in the local community. The camp has a special concession with the village Engare Sero, which is only 7 km away. As rent for their place at the lake, the camp pays the village 20 USD per guest per night plus an annual rental fee.

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Location: On the shores of Lake Natron

Capacity: 7 luxury tents

Known for: Small and luxurious Eco Lodge in harsh environment

Tanzania Experts Tier: Platinum