Lobo Wildlife Lodge

The Lobo Wildlife Lodge was built as early as 1968 and was operated by the government for a long time. Its old-fashioned stone structure is still largely unchanged despite the new administration. This Wildlife Lodge is one of the few lodges in the Serengeti National Park that offers truly outstanding views.

The 74 rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated in African style. Integrated into the room is a private bathroom with built-in shower and a modern toilet. For the construction of the swimming pool in a breathtaking location with views of the Serengeti plains from a great height (see photo), one of the many granite rocks was chiseled out in painstaking detail. From the pool terrace you have a fantastic view over the savannah plains covered with short bushes and can even look over to the Masai Mara Conservation Area, which is only about 30 kilometres away. A water hole underneath the lodge attracts a variety of wild animals during the day. It is even illuminated every evening and shows an interesting array of nocturnal animals.

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Location: Near the Masai Mara, in the northern part of the Serengeti National Park

Capacity: 74 rooms

Known for: Magnificent views over the Serengeti Steppe

Tanzania Experts Tier: Silver

Website: n/a